Our employees are our company! Our winning team consists of world-class thinkers from across the globe.

Our team

Web Host New York (WHNY) is an agile team of developers and e-commerce experts. The company was founded in New York in 1997 to help businesses with their online presence. It has since been a choice for e-commerce consluting for many companies in the US and abroad.

Leonard Shostak,Business Developmentleonard.shostak@webhostny.com

To say that Leonard Shostak has a gift for helping organizations improve their business processes would be putting it mildly. As a recognized expert on the business use of technology, Leonard has been interviewed and quoted by Inc. Magazine, Newsday, the BBC News, and several industry-specific publications; and has served as an expert witness in New York State courts.

Jean GazisContent Management and Marketing, USJean.Gazis@webhostny.com

Jean is a freelance writer and website builder whose clients include firms in publishing, technology, food, public relations, and professional services, as well as non-profit organizations. In various corporate marketing roles at leading publishing and technology companies, Jean consistently produced superior results while meeting tight deadlines through her proven leadership on complicated projects. She can write virtually any type of marketing content. 

Luka Klemenc,Online Marketingluka.klemenc@webhostny.com

Luka is the online marketing expert in the team. Whether it’s PPC or banner advertising, he is the person who’s good to have around. He is famous for lowering online advertising costs and increasing sales. He is known to be obsessed with analytics and numbers, leaving nothing to luck.


Stefan HornburgSoftware Architectstefan.hornburg@webhostny.com

Approaching all problems with German precision, his only problem is that he will never claim anything is impossible. Whether it’s searching through networks of European railroads or e-commerce installations with dozens of millions of products he makes it look so easy. When we saw him solve problems that took us months to resolve within minutes, we knew we have to have him on our team.

Ana KozoleContent Management and Marketing, Frenchana.kozole@webhostny.com

We trust that every market our customers try to approach is specific. When the need came to access the French market we decided to hire a local online marketing expert. The French market is home for Ana. Whether it’s fashion, computers or selling complex services, she will find marketing opportunities and put marketing budgets to a good use.

Barbara DrevensekContent Management and Marketing, Germanbarbara.drevensek@webhostny.com

Systematic and diligent, she will take the last atom of power to reach the goal. Barbara has gone from managing German online communities to online marketing, keeping her special touch for the end customer. While taking care of the customer’s goals she always keeps an eye on what users actually want to read or see.


Jure KodzomanWeb Usabilityjure.kodzoman@webhostny.com

Jure started his career in e-commerce at the beginning of the millenium. At the very beginning he was thrown in the trenches by managing a ticketing site with more than 50,000 visitors daily. He has since become a trusted expert in e-commerce usability and strategy. He has worked on dozens of e-commerce projects, increasing their sales and optimizing their website’s performance and usability.

Alan LoesbergSoftware ArchitectAlan.Loesberg@webhostny.com

Alan is a web site developer specializing in creating web sites intended to deliver excellent search engine rankings, and social media coordination. Clients include law firms, large and small, technology companies, sales organizations, accounting firms, and manufacturers. He specializes in custom-designed sites for small to medium sized operations who face challenges in creating a profit stream from their web sites. Dealing with the frustrations business owners confront in the huge and confusing world of search engine rankings and use of social media are his specialties.

Simun KodzomanSystem Administratorsimun.kodzoman@webhostny.com

An engineer by heart, Simun can get a quick grasp of any problem laid upon him, whether it’s admin or coding related. He is the youngest member, still learning but still a valuable part of the team.