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Email settings & information

Email Settings and Information for Setting Up Your Email on Our System

In following the directions below, please replace “yourmail.yourdomain.com” with your own mail domain name. Some examples using mail3.webhostny.com are provided so you can see how it is supposed to work.


Your username is your full email address. (Some mail clients might have issues with the @ symbol and you might have to replace it with a %).


customercare@webhostny.com = customercare%webhostny.com

Standard Webmail:

For Standard Webmail access, go to http://yourmail.yourdomain.com
Example: http://mail3.webhostny.com

Premium Webmail:

For Premium Webmail access, go to http://yourmail.yourdomain.com/pronto
Example: http://mail3.webhostny.com/pronto

POP Settings:

Server name: yourmail.yourdomain.com
Port is 110

IMAP Settings:

Server name yourmail.yourdomain.com
Port is 143

SMTP settings:

Server name is yourmail.yourdomain.com
Port is 2525 (not 25; our servers do not listen on port 25)
We require authentication for SMTP

Mobile Devices:

For Android and iPod/iPad, you will use the corporate mail option if your phone has that feature. If your device does not have the corporate mail feature, use IMAP.